Trail Work

Here’s the new schedule for trail work in September.  We will complete our work on the Fire on the Rim racecourse singletrack, Trail 15 (Pine Strawberry Trail), and then return to meeting at Pine Trailhead.  Please consider volunteering to help out with the Fire on the Rim event on September 13.  This is a major fundraiser for Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction.  In case of inclement weather we will reschedule and I’ll notify you.  See you on the trail!

Trail Work Schedule

September 2014

  • ·         September 6, Saturday, 8 am -12 pm:  Meet at the bottom of the downhill on Fuller Rd, just past the intersection of Fuller and Ralls Rd in Strawberry. Bring own lunch/snacks/water.
  • ·         September 13, Saturday, various times:  Volunteer to help out with Fire on the Rim Mountain Bike Race.
  •           September 21, Sunday, 8 am -12 pm:  Meet at Pine Trailhead.  Bring own lunch/snacks/water.
  • ·         September 27, Saturday, 8 am -12 pm:  Major Work Event on Pine View Trail.  Lunch and snacks will be provided courtesy of the Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc. Meet at Pine Trailhead.  Bring own water.



PS Trail Map


New Trail Construction: Bearfoot Trail

Approximately 4 miles of reroutes on Trail #26, Pine Canyon Trail

3 mile Beginner/Intermediate Practice Loop from Pine Trailhead (Trails 26, 28, 31)